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I want to introduce myself as identifying as being on the Autistic Spectrum.  I have Asperger’s Syndrome.  While this has it’s challenges, I also credit it for my success in writing and some personal attributes.

I was in my Thirties, when I was officially diagnosed.  I had gone through a lot of life knowing I was different to my Peers and it wasn’t pleasant, particularly when I was in my Teens.  The feeling of coming from a different Planet, used to kick in.  Autism or the Autistic Spectrum was not known about then and I coped with being punished for being who I was then, not just by Parents but by Partners also. When I received my Diagnosis, it was like Willy Wonker had given me a golden Ticket to his Chocolate Factory.  At last, I understood.  I am more accepting of myself and will not be around anyone that will not accept me for who I am, in any respect.

Everyone deserves respect and love no matter what their label is.  I think people that experience the Autistic Spectrum first hand forget’s that they are valuable Human Beings and we have a place in Society.

My aim regarding my Books is to help those that don’t have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, to understand a little of the challenges that we meet and go through in life, more.  Also, that we have emotion.  Maybe it’s expressed differently in some than others, but we are not all the stereotypical man or lady with an expression of some kind of Autism.

Specifically for ladies on the Autistic Spectrum, I have written a Series of Books which are about the challenges of an Autistic Burnout.  Those aren’t nice and myself personally, I have had more than my fair share.  However, we rise and we fall…and we rise again!

Asperger’s Syndrome is only a small part of me, however ‘large’ it likes to present itself.  I live with my two older Children and two Dogs, Milo & Kenny.  I am a lover of Coffee and the quiet.  I enjoy reading, writing when I can and also most things alternative.  That includes History, Science and Music.  I also spend time with Friends and my Family.

More than happy to hear from anyone that wishes to contact me, regarding my Books and Work.  Please see the Contact Form.  I will always reply.

Keep shining in a World that is all too dark at times, your light is precious.

Much Love

Tina J. Cox

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