Some days…

As-well as Writer, I am also Mum to two lads whom I love greatly.  I also, morph into a Domestic Goddess (that’s my term!), Computer Techie, Nurse and so much more when the need arises.  It’s so difficult to just be oneself, in a busy Society, it’s hardly surprising that there are times when Technology and everything going on in one’s head takes a back seat, so we purely enjoy the ‘now’.

I think enjoying the present is very important and it’s only when something becomes memorable that it becomes an idea….then idea’s become inspiration and inspiration becomes ‘words’, that mean something to the Writer.  Inevitably, it’s important to jot those words down, it doesn’t matter if its only a couple of words.  It’s a ‘seed’ that has been well and truly planted.  It’s so easy to carry on, when perhaps the same mood happens again or the same situation….

I always find it interesting to know how other people have interpreted my ‘creations’ because it quite often is so different to what was intended.  That is in itself a very good thing and it gives me a new view, for which I am always thankful.

There is some more work for me to do today, before I can write some more. I just wanted to ‘squeeze’ in a few minutes, to spend with you.  Looking forward to you all being able to read my new book ‘Teak n’ Turquoise’, has previously mentioned, the material in my first two books was written in 2009/10 and this, this is brand new, so I am very excited about it.  It’s allowed me to see a real difference and maturity in my attitude to certain things. I consider it a positive experience, although perhaps the creations come from certain times of discomfort.

As always, thank you for your time and following my work.

Much love


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