Wow, it’s so hot!

Hey! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather that seems to have been bestowed upon us in the UK, today.  Such a joy to see, after the grim and extended Winter we have had.  I remember in the coldest parts of Winter, people would say ‘if I hear anyone moaning it’s too hot, they will get a slap!’………I’m going to have to whisper the next bit….It’s too hot! 🙂

My Dog’s are pooped and if they could talk, I am sure they would say something along the same lines.  Milo & Kenneth, are Jack Russell and a Jack Chi, both are equally lovable as the other.  Milo is much older than Kenneth, he is 11 thereabouts (he is a rescue dog so only have an approximate age) and Kenneth is 5.  Sadly, he is partially sighted but he gets about and entrusts his Nose with investigation when needed.

Time for me to do another cold drink.

Sending you all love today x

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