It’s Been A Busy Week….

……..and it’s only Monday!

Since writing last, ‘Teak ‘n Turquoise’ is very much ready and I’m happy to announce its available for pre order. I have published this through Amazon Kindle and it’s available for all devices. I shall provide the link at the bottom. For a snippet of the cost of ‘Feelings, Stuff & Things’, it’s well worth it.

I like that ‘Teak n Turquoise’ is brand new material and it’s so much more mature, in the things that it discusses. If you feel you are able to provide Feedback regarding my writing and Books, please do so. Your views would mean a lot and come in extremely useful.

Also made available on Amazon KindleBooks is ‘Rhyme & Reason with Autism’. Again the link will follow. Many thanks and catch you shortly regarding next project/s!

Teak ‘n Turquoise

by Tina J Cox


Rhyme & Reason with Autism

by Tina J Cox


How inconsiderate of me for not hoping all is well with your good selves! Gosh, I’m so embarrassed. Well, my dears. I DO hope everything is alright and all’s well in your world.

Much love


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