Burning Out?…

Good Morning all!

What a beautiful morning it is in ‘The Black Country’ today.  Finger’s crossed, I believe it’s virtually the same throughout the UK today, so enjoy and keep safe if you are a bit of a Sun worshipper.

Right! A rather unannounced book has been released and I am so glad it was too.  I have tried my hand at something different.  Still on the Autistic Spectrum theme, I have introduced a middle aged lady and she is fantastic.  She is making her Debut in ‘Autistic Burnout’ and trust me, this isn’t the last we hear of her either, I am happy to say.


Autistic Burnout is available on Amazon and Blurb also.  Underneath are the links for you should you wish to find out more.

Link: http://amzn.eu/9EdiHn2

I anticipate some of you to enquire why there are blank sheets of paper in the Book and I can say with honesty that it is just for you to make notes, in a Book that is specifically about Autistic Burnout, you can make more than one list about solution’s to get yourself out of ‘the funk’.  I will not provide spaces for making notes again, unless it’s on a new theme completely.

It’s not easy and at the end of the day, we have to do what is easier for ourselves to get out of it.  It feels like we have to keep soldiering on sometimes, but I try to consider it as a test, although I am not religious.  The ‘stubborn’ in me, insists that I will win and overcome difficulties, eventually.

Have an amazing day and enjoy the glorious Sun.

Much love





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