The World Cup & a face for my Catelin!


So, have you all been watching The World Cup?  Caught ‘The Fever’,  so to speak?

England certainly done well and for getting where they did, to the Semi-Finals…I feel I must congratulate the Players.  They worked extremely hard and under such weather conditions.  The Heat looked immense.

Well done lads and it’s a real shame you were knocked out, in the end.

So, did the best Team win?….I will leave you to decide that 🙂

I have been quite busy recently writing Poetry, while writing a follow up, in The Catelin Series.  The follow up will be called ‘Wearing Autism Like Prada!’.

Catelin is fun, sexy and sassy and affected by being on the Autistic Spectrum.  In this short novel, especially for those affected by such issues, she faces a big challenge and we learn more about her family and life in general.  What is more…I can put a face to Catelin for you all.  Everything she portrayScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 15.41.49s is right here in this Picture!

The Picture is courtesy of Rachel Louise and Georgia Louise.  Many thanks ladies.

By the way, Catelin, is on the left!!!




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