I Am So Sorry!!…

Jeez…! What a busy couple of Months. In between procrastinating and doing other things like being Mum and more procrastinating ( I hate this part of Aspergers) I have wrote yet more Poetry and currently waiting for ‘The Truth’ to be released on October 15th.

‘The Truth’ is a beautiful compilation of Poetry, about life and a specific topic, infidelity.  Not a nice one, no, I agree with you BUT it is one that is still very much a Taboo subject and think it will carry on being so for has long as it is wrong, to some anyway.  There are different sorts of Relationships, I know of only Monogamous.

I can show you a preview of the Cover.  Thank you to David Wakelam for designing the cover to ‘The Truth’.  I am over the Moon, with his work.  Brilliant!

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 16.14.09

David’s website is worth a look, excellent art work.  His web address is: etcphotographic.wixsite.com/photo



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