The Truth

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The Truth is Poetry about Life, Love and Loss.  Its Heartfelt, emotional amongst being thought provoking and quite controversial.  Its available on Amazon in Paperback and on Blurb in Paperback and PDF.

Its longer than any other Poetry Book I have published and has been a real joy to write.  It was released on October 15th 2018 and like my other publications, is my Child.  I am very proud of it indeed.

Its had a number of good reviews from Amazon Reader’s and other’s.


I Am So Sorry!!…

Jeez…! What a busy couple of Months. In between procrastinating and doing other things like being Mum and more procrastinating ( I hate this part of Aspergers) I have wrote yet more Poetry and currently waiting for ‘The Truth’ to be released on October 15th.

‘The Truth’ is a beautiful compilation of Poetry, about life and a specific topic, infidelity.  Not a nice one, no, I agree with you BUT it is one that is still very much a Taboo subject and think it will carry on being so for has long as it is wrong, to some anyway.  There are different sorts of Relationships, I know of only Monogamous.

I can show you a preview of the Cover.  Thank you to David Wakelam for designing the cover to ‘The Truth’.  I am over the Moon, with his work.  Brilliant!

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David’s website is worth a look, excellent art work.  His web address is:



The World Cup & a face for my Catelin!


So, have you all been watching The World Cup?  Caught ‘The Fever’,  so to speak?

England certainly done well and for getting where they did, to the Semi-Finals…I feel I must congratulate the Players.  They worked extremely hard and under such weather conditions.  The Heat looked immense.

Well done lads and it’s a real shame you were knocked out, in the end.

So, did the best Team win?….I will leave you to decide that 🙂

I have been quite busy recently writing Poetry, while writing a follow up, in The Catelin Series.  The follow up will be called ‘Wearing Autism Like Prada!’.

Catelin is fun, sexy and sassy and affected by being on the Autistic Spectrum.  In this short novel, especially for those affected by such issues, she faces a big challenge and we learn more about her family and life in general.  What is more…I can put a face to Catelin for you all.  Everything she portrayScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 15.41.49s is right here in this Picture!

The Picture is courtesy of Rachel Louise and Georgia Louise.  Many thanks ladies.

By the way, Catelin, is on the left!!!





Good afternoon all!

Just a quickie, literally.  I have my Tea in the Oven and if I leave it any longer…I won’t have any Tea in the Oven, it will be in the Bin 🙂

The Kindle version of my first Book is now available on Amazon.

It’s thought provoking and as I said much earlier, its very early Material.  If you like reading Poetry or just different things to think about, it’s for you.  Let me know what you thought.

Take care


Burning Out?…

Good Morning all!

What a beautiful morning it is in ‘The Black Country’ today.  Finger’s crossed, I believe it’s virtually the same throughout the UK today, so enjoy and keep safe if you are a bit of a Sun worshipper.

Right! A rather unannounced book has been released and I am so glad it was too.  I have tried my hand at something different.  Still on the Autistic Spectrum theme, I have introduced a middle aged lady and she is fantastic.  She is making her Debut in ‘Autistic Burnout’ and trust me, this isn’t the last we hear of her either, I am happy to say.


Autistic Burnout is available on Amazon and Blurb also.  Underneath are the links for you should you wish to find out more.


I anticipate some of you to enquire why there are blank sheets of paper in the Book and I can say with honesty that it is just for you to make notes, in a Book that is specifically about Autistic Burnout, you can make more than one list about solution’s to get yourself out of ‘the funk’.  I will not provide spaces for making notes again, unless it’s on a new theme completely.

It’s not easy and at the end of the day, we have to do what is easier for ourselves to get out of it.  It feels like we have to keep soldiering on sometimes, but I try to consider it as a test, although I am not religious.  The ‘stubborn’ in me, insists that I will win and overcome difficulties, eventually.

Have an amazing day and enjoy the glorious Sun.

Much love





It’s Been A Busy Week….

……..and it’s only Monday!

Since writing last, ‘Teak ‘n Turquoise’ is very much ready and I’m happy to announce its available for pre order. I have published this through Amazon Kindle and it’s available for all devices. I shall provide the link at the bottom. For a snippet of the cost of ‘Feelings, Stuff & Things’, it’s well worth it.

I like that ‘Teak n Turquoise’ is brand new material and it’s so much more mature, in the things that it discusses. If you feel you are able to provide Feedback regarding my writing and Books, please do so. Your views would mean a lot and come in extremely useful.

Also made available on Amazon KindleBooks is ‘Rhyme & Reason with Autism’. Again the link will follow. Many thanks and catch you shortly regarding next project/s!

Teak ‘n Turquoise

by Tina J Cox


Rhyme & Reason with Autism

by Tina J Cox


How inconsiderate of me for not hoping all is well with your good selves! Gosh, I’m so embarrassed. Well, my dears. I DO hope everything is alright and all’s well in your world.

Much love


Wow, it’s so hot!

Hey! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather that seems to have been bestowed upon us in the UK, today.  Such a joy to see, after the grim and extended Winter we have had.  I remember in the coldest parts of Winter, people would say ‘if I hear anyone moaning it’s too hot, they will get a slap!’………I’m going to have to whisper the next bit….It’s too hot! 🙂

My Dog’s are pooped and if they could talk, I am sure they would say something along the same lines.  Milo & Kenneth, are Jack Russell and a Jack Chi, both are equally lovable as the other.  Milo is much older than Kenneth, he is 11 thereabouts (he is a rescue dog so only have an approximate age) and Kenneth is 5.  Sadly, he is partially sighted but he gets about and entrusts his Nose with investigation when needed.

Time for me to do another cold drink.

Sending you all love today x